We have teamed up with EDEC Construction Ltd, based in South Wales, to provide a £1,000 cash donation to our local Barnsley Foodbank Partnership to help support families who are less fortunate during this challenging time.

We were first contacted by Niall McSwiney, Managing Director of EDEC Construction, last month to advise us of his charitable donation to the Barnsley Foodbank Partnership. Niall and his wife had been following the news regarding the English Government not providing funded free school meals during the holiday periods and wanted to make a difference in Barnsley. Wales have been fortunate enough that the Welsh Government stepped in to cover free school meals for children, therefore Niall started to look further afield and due to his connections with our Group companies, made the decision to make a very generous donation of £500 to Barnsley Foodbank Partnership. The decision was also made due to the increasing concern they have for the rising Coronavirus cases in the Barnsley region.

Following Niall and his wife’s selfless act of compassion, we also made the decision to match the contribution offering a further £500 cash donation to our local foodbank. The money will go towards food which the charity does not currently have in stock so that they are able to provide the necessities to families across the borough.

“I was extremely touched to hear of the generosity from Niall and his wife. We understand that there are a lot of families across England that are struggling at this moment in time and we have seen the selflessness of communities as they come together to help one another. We are very proud of the support in our local communities and we are delighted to have contributed to this.”

Chairman, Tony Mobbs

As a Group we are keen to make a different and give back to communities, and we produce a yearly Corporate Social Responsibility strategy comprising of four pillars: Employment, Education, Community and Sustainability which includes lots of charity, pro-bono and community work throughout the year.

Barnsley Foodbank Partnership is a project founded by local churches and community groups, working together towards stopping hunger in the Barnsley area.

To make a donation to Barnsley Foodbank Partnership, please visit their website here: https://barnsley.foodbank.org.uk/

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