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Charlotte Cranney

Proposal Manager

My work background:

I started my career in administration as an Apprentice Administration Assistant working for Barnsley Council. Since then I have undertaken customer service and administration roles in recruitment, industrial and education sectors.

About my role:

My role involves seeing tenders through from start to finish. Every single one is different, so it keeps me guessing!

My main role is recording all tender information including outcomes and feedback, this means corresponding with clients and updating the company of the outcomes. Other areas of my work involve supporting my team with writing and designing the Clerks of Works CV’s and checking online portals for new tender and project opportunities.

About me:

I can be perceived as quiet until you get to know me and then you find that I never shut up! I love food, music and socialising. I am also a Zumba addict and attend Zumba and another fitness class twice a week.

Random facts:

I still remember all the song lyrics to most of the songs from my childhood. I also used to play the recorder, violin and flute (not all at the same time!)

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