We are a leading national consultancy specialising in providing inspections to assess the quality of work, compliance with building regulations and energy ratings for construction projects. These services have been provided for various modular construction projects within factories and out on sites across the UK.

Modular construction can be a cost and time effective way to construct a building especially when there is volume and repetition. We have a growing portfolio of modular projects, which in recent times has included Mountjoy Teaching and Learning Centre for Durham University, Barton Hill Settlement in Bristol, and various outlets for global retail giants such as McDonalds, KFC, and Costa.

The Mountjoy Teaching and Learning Centre has a three-storey module system with a 15m x18m footprint. Each module used two façade options: a ‘fenestrated’ façade generally on the long elevation, and a ‘gable’ façade to the short face. All have been capped using an asymmetric pyramidal roof provided with a central rooflight to bring daylight deep into the building. Twelve of these modules, rotated and handed, create the plan layout and building volume set around a central atrium courtyard.

A shipping container development designed to offer temporary living accommodation for Barton Hill Settlement in Bristol needed thermal insulation to comply with u-value requirements. The balance between optimal thickness of materials and retaining floor space was calculated by our energy team in Cook Brown Energy.

Yum International, who operate restaurant brands – KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, appointed Hickton Quality Control to offer their knowledge from lessons learned on similar projects for their new prototype modular units. Our experienced Inspectors attended regular team meetings to discuss the development during the design process, the transportation of units to site and final assembly on site.

Companies within our Group have been involved with a variety of clients such as McDonald’s, Citizen M, Extraspace, NAS Thames Valley Free School, Starious Bitumen PTE Ltd and Bream Early Learners.

To speak to our technical team about Quality, Compliance and Sustainability for your modular construction project, please contact us on 01226 743959 or visit our website www.hicktongroup.co.uk

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